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Artist or Band: QUEEN

Album Title: Queen.

Producer(s): John Anthony & Roy Baker.


Side 1: Keep Yourself Alive; Doing All Right; Great King Rat; My Fairy King.

Side 2: Liar; The Night Comes Down; Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll; Son and Daughter; Jesus; Seven Seas of Rhye... .

Label/Format: EMI – original format with Trident Audio Production 1973 logo. As can be seen, this is a Factory Sample with a sticker on side one which is totally genuine. The owner of this had a fair number of EMI demos and Factory Sample records, several of which I purchased and will be offering in the next few days or so. These include early Queen and Paul McCartney/Wings titles. Also, this copy is a genuine first pressing that includes the correct run out messages for more information on that further down. (Please see my label scan).

Label Conditions: Both clean and attractive with less than moderate spindle marks. Most only show under angled light but a couple of three can be seen with normal viewing.

Cat Number: EMC 3006 (YAX 4623).

Mode / Speed: Stereo /

Warps: Assume all records I offer have no warping of any significance and all tracking is easy and effortless and should play on all turntables and even ‘budget’ decks.

Weight of this Record: 115 grams. A typical weight for this album.

Country of Manufacture: England.

Rarity: Genuine first pressings of this legendary album are far more elusive. Remember, few had even heard of Queen when this album was issued. No previous hit singles and sparse radio publicity. I actually bought a copy of this album after seeing them perform on BBC’s Old Grey Whistle Test – the track ‘Liar’ totally blew me away and hearing it again on a clean first pressed record did it again for me. I specially ordered a copy of this album from ‘Mann’s Music’ back in 1973, fearing a new band’s album would not be guaranteed to be stocked straight away. First pressed copies in ultra clean, barely even played condition that offer superb sound are elusive, make no mistake. This album so often crackles and disappoints for sound, the later ones especially so – I have several examples with inherent distortion from badly pressed copies. So what determines a first pressing? What needs to be checked are the matrixes which are: YAX 4623-3U / YAX 4624-3U (as this copy has). The dead-wax area messages are: ‘KIP - HUGGYPOO KISSY’ and ‘AGAIN!’ (Please see this detail in my close-up picture, this is very important). Second pressings replaced this text with ‘BLAIR’ and ‘BLAIR RULES’, often mis-sold as a first issue, but not so. There is something extra special about this copy also – this is a rare Factory Sample, and few of these ever made it out of the building – hence ever rarer still. Not only that, this has a superb, barely worn matt cover and a record hardly even played. In fact, I am struggling to find any spindle marks at all and this copy is very cleanly pressed and offers hugely impressive sound quality. For fans of this band, and especially the early, more progressive style era, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Original Year of Release: 1973

Matrix Nos: YAX 4623-3U / YAX 4624-3U [only the first issues had these matrixes]

Stamper Codes: 3 TG / 3 2 PR

Run-Out Groove Etchings: These are highly sigificant and read: ‘KIP - HUGGYPOO KISSY’ / ‘AGAIN!’

Musicians: Freddie Mercury – Vocals; Brian May – lead guitar; John Deacon - bass guitar; Roger Taylor – drums.

Brief Info: The album that started the legend of Queen – the band that included one of the most charismatic showman vocalists of all time, and from the very outset, it was clear this band were to become very special. Their early albums were far more rocky and heavy, they could even be classified as ‘progressive’, briefly anyway and appealed greatly to rock fans such as myself – their performanc...

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