A Golden Jubilee (2002) and UK Police Long Service and Good Conduct medal ribbon bar.

This sale is for one double medal ribbon bar, two are shown in the photograph so the fastenings on the back can be seen.

If you want to know about the quality of them and service then read the feedback I have received from Police Officers (22+yrs service) and Fire Fighters (20+years service)

Although uniform tunics are rarely worn nowadays there are special occasions when they are, such as some courts, presentation and award evenings etc. On these occasions the full wearing of medals might not be appropriate. Why not have a medal bar showing what you’ve been awarded. It's always good to have one handy. Some like to have them as keepsakes, and they may appeal to collectors.

The alloy metal bar is covered with the official 2002 Golden Jubilee and Police Long Service medal ribbons. It looks far better than the enamel badge types, especially on a uniform tunic or similar, and there are no exposed metal edges. It is fastened by two brass pins on the brass backing plate. It is held in place by two studs with a ‘butterfly’ fastening. The fastening plate on the back is crimped into the bar which makes it difficult to be pulled off by accident. This type of fastening makes it easier for the bar
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