The Queens own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry Sergent Uniform

This is a great piece it is The queens own royal Glasgow yeomanry uniform its in good condition the jacket is in perfect condition no damage however the trousers have been tailored at one point to extend the leg and a small piece of the stripe has been removed from the top of the leg and placed on the base however it is unnoticeable unless under close inspection as the piece removed is covered by the over hang of the jacket. The jacket was originally tailor made by
"James Malcolm ltd
229 Argyle street
Its sizes are:
Armpit to armpit 21 inch
Which I believe makes it a 42 chest
Arm length (to hem) 25 inch
Arm length ( to arm pit) 19 inch
Base to hem (hieght) 29 inch
It has two badges on the collar made of brass and marked with the kings crown that places it between 1915 - 1945 it also has a sergeants rank displayed on the arm as photographed. It has all its original buttons all brass and stamped with a depiction reading "Lacessit Nemo Me Impune" as photographed above it has chainmil shoulders. It is a heavy item and will cost £10 postage within the UK and £18 international postage and I will always provides the highest quality of packaging to ensure your product arrives undamaged and in the condition it was sent.
Thank you I hope this lot interests you
Regards Jake.
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