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Dr. William Rush Dunton, Jr.

Dr. William Rush Dunton privately published only 2000 copies of this extremely rare and hard-to-find book on early appliquéd, chintz, patchwork, tree of life, framed medallion and, in particular, album quilts. He personally photographed all of the quilts shown, documenting in great detail as much of the history and construction of each as he could. Legend has it that when photographing the quilts in his outer office, he noticed the calming effect that the beautiful textiles had on his patients. He went on to recommend and introduce the use of quiltmaking as occupational therapy in psychiatric hospitals.

As he himself described his involvement with using quilts in this manner,

"As physician to nervous ladies and an exponent of occupational therapy, I have gradually acquired an interest in ...' home craft'... which may be used for therapeutic purposes... A nervous lady who is concentrating on making a quilt block has no time to worry over her fancied physical ill health or even over wrongs or slights which may be real, so that she is cultivating a more healthy mental attitude and habit."

Published in 1946, this copy is numbered 143 out of 2000.

125 photographic plates, in black and white, 1 in color, 278 pages. 9” x
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