W.R. Case & Sons 3137 Yellow CV Sod Buster Jr Pocket Knife Skinner 00032

This is an opened, shelf-pull/returned item. The box shows signs of distress and may not contain all packaging materials.
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Most items I sell are shelf pulls, display items and returns. Most shelf pulls are exactly that: items that were for sale and on display in a store, but weren't sold. These items have usually been marked down multiple times and may have had a lot of handling by customers and warehouse staff, causing some minor cosmetic damage to the item or its packaging. I do check the items to make sure they power on and for cosmetic damage, etc. For items/accessories for iphones, gaming systems etc, I don't have the proper equipment to test some of these items. I do accept returns if the items don't function as it should, and I am willing to pay the return shipping cost. Please contact me if you have questions or need to resolve a problem.