R.M.Rose Distillers 1906 Atlanta Georgia Rutledge Ga.

A Georgia Letter to the bank of Rutledge,Ga. from R.M.ROSE Co.DISTILLERS 79 & 81 PEACHTREE ST. EST 1867 PROPRIETORS MOUNTAIN SPRING DISTILLERY ATLANTA,GA. on blue paper 8.5" X 7.25" The firm's history that I found on the internet: RUFUS M. ROSE

Rufus M. Rose was born in Connecticut in 1836 and studied medicine in New York before moving to Hawkinsville in the 1850s to work in his uncle's drugstore. He worked in the Confederacy's medical service during the Civil War, serving at the wartime hospital at William and Mary College and later in Macon.

At the end of the Civil War, in 1867, Rose moved to Atlanta and organized the R.M. Rose Company. With a large distillery on Stillhouse Road in Vinings, he produced blended rye and corn liquor -- "the purest, safest drink you could buy." The liquor ads in the Atlanta papers stressed the fact that ladies could come into his store because t was no saloon attached and no drinking or sampling was ever done on the premises. It was also advertised that "when used in moderation, its effect on the human system is wholesome and beneficial. . . [it is] the best and purest medicinal whiskey obtainable."

In 1906, the "Four Roses" trademark was registered, probably named for Rufus, his brother Origen, and their two sons. It was a special blend that, reportedly, only he knew. It was
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