QUALITY JEWELRY - COMPETITIVE PRICES - 10 YEARS ON EBAY Stone Type:Cubic Zirconium Stone Color: Montana Blue Plating: Gold Plated Main Stone size: 12x10 mm Shape: Oval Total Carat Weight: 7 Carat Ring Weight: 19.6 Grams Suggested Retail Price: $129.00 Item description (R221-10) An American original adaptation by Don Gist. An absolutely superb 7.0 carat Montana simulated sapphire is just perfect for this big, bold, heavy-duty military ring, one we all are proud to wear. Stone is hand inlaid, not the cheap looking prong set you see a lot of. The ring is embellished on each side with detailed symbols of the Navy tradition and pride. Ring is plated in gold. Be sure to check out our other auctions for different sizes and other military branches.


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International Ring Size Conversion Table

U.S. & Canada Great Britain France Germany Japan Switzerland 3-1/2 - - 14-1/2 - - 3-3/4 H 46-1/2 - 6-1/2 6-1/2 4 H-1/2 - 15 7 - 4-1/4 I 47-3/4 - - 7-3/4 4-1/2 I-1/2 - 15-1/4 8 - 4-3/4 J 49 - - 9 5 J-1/2 - 15-3/4 9 - 5-1/4 K 50 - - 10 5-1/2 L 51-3/4 16 - 11-3/4 5-3/4 L-1/2 - - 11 - 6 M 52-3/4 16-1/2 12 12-3/4 6-1/2 N 54 17 13 14 7 O 55-1/4 17-1/4 14 15-1/4 7-1/2 P 56-1/2 17-3/4 15 16-1/2 8 Q 57-3/4 18 16


An easy way to clean your jewelry is to use a soft brush. A toothbrush will work fine for this and will be able to get into the small spots. Warm water and some sort of liquid soap is best. Just dip your brush into it and lightly rub the stones to take off the nasty substances.

Rinse the pieces with warm or hot water and then use a soft cloth to dry the piece. If you need to remove more after the first cleaning, just repeat this process again until clean. For hard substances, the stone can be soaked in a third part detergent and two-thirds part hot water to loosen the debris.

Never use harsh and rough ingredients on your jewelry as it will scratch and damage the piece. Bleach, ammonia, or chlorine is to be avoided at all cost. The damage they can cause is irreversible and you will be out a beautiful piece of CZ jewelry. The stone itself may not be damaged but the delicate metal around the stone can be destroyed. If the debris on the CZ jewelry will not come off with a normal soak and cleaning, do not se any of these chemicals to remove it. You will need to have a professional jeweler clean it for you.

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