R2D2 Star Wars Vintage Kenner Action Figure Droid

Visit Store Store Home Other Video Games Toys Transformers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legos n64 nes super nintendo sega genesis atari wwf hasbro action figures wwf ljn action figures Polly Pocket Littlest Pet Shop My Little Pony Star Wars Jet Magazine Spider-Man Marvel Batman X-Men Barbie Thundercats Mego He-man Smurfs WWF / WWE Jakks Figures GI Joe Board Games Gameboy Nintendo DS Gameboy Advance WCW happy meal toy We often sell multiple items within the same collection. Please We offer combined shipping!the item you are bidding on is the vintage star wars figure of r2d2 , this figure is 100% complete ,has original sticker ... if you have any questions please let us know Listing ID: 528