R318-Helmar HEY-BATTER! #48 Frank FRISCH, Dizzy DEAN St. Louis Cardinals

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Series Card # Player Name Pose Team Final Price Date eBay ID Bids Bidders
R318-Helmar 48 FRISCH, Frank;
DEAN, Dizzy In dugout St. Louis Cardinals $28.79 2/5/835853 18 9
This R-318-Helmar series is known as the "Hey-Batter!" series. This is a rather large series of several hundred DIE-CUT cards. A die-cut area around the top half of the player allows the collector to fold that section over and stand the player figure up. Some examples are black-and-white but cards are also found with a variety of tints. Each card measures 3.25" x 2 3/8".
Since each card is hand made, no two look exactly the same. This is a time consuming endeavor with the aim of sharing my love of the game, it may be two months or more before you see another one similar to this. No more than just 6 of this card will be made and sold during a 12 month period. Most likely the number will be only 3-4.
Perhaps you've enjoyed some of my other projects including cult favorites Helmar Big League Brew (see the back of every card, including this current offering). By the way, this Helmar beer won a Gold Medal at the 2005 World Beer Festival
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