R319-Helmar Big League #348 Pete Hill CUBAN X-GIANTS HOF


This is a recent, hand-made art card by HELMAR. If you are unfamiliar with Helmar, please read the full description. You may enjoy our blog, ; our Facebook page, The Helmar Baseball Art Card Company; or our website, .

Card # 348 R319-Helmar Player Position Team HILL, Pete Waiting for Pitch CUBAN X-GIANTS Avg Sell Max Min Total Sold Avg # Bids Avg # Bidders Last Sold $181.83 $330.00 $67.00 313 7June 17, 2014

The R-319 Helmar series has 180 subjects including many of your favorite players. All the original art was painted by our artists over a period of years, you won't find it elsewhere. Given the scope, the expense and the complexity for a small company or artist to put together a 385 card set of original and exceptional art, no one else may attempt something this ambitious for decades. They are not available in full sets.

Helmar cards are printed on paper stock consistent with the most treasured card sets of the late 19th century, and early 20th century. Our cards are hand-distressed and treated, to give them a worn, well-loved look and feel, and a fresh, unique scent. We’ve hit a homer if it seems as if you are holding a vintage card in your hands.

All the original art is painted by our team. You won’t find it anywhere else. Our graphic artists choose the perfect poses and colors. We spend almost as
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