R6 Great Bugbear Hunt AD&D 1E module Mentzer Greyhawk

R6 - THE GREAT BUGBEAR HUNT - AD&D 1st Edition module An ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Wilderness Adventure for 7 Characters, Levels 5-7 by Frank Mentzer, author of the other R-series modules, including R1 Tothe Aid of Falx - R2 Investigation of Hydell - R3 Doc's Island - R4 Egg ofthe Phoenix and R5 Bigby's Tomb. Frank Mentzer is also well known as the co-author of T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil with Gary Gygax and editor & co-author of the 1983 revision of the entire D&D line including the Basic, Expert, Companion, Master and Immortal sets (later revised to be the Rules Cyclopedia ). Cover art by Roger Raupp. TSR, 1986. This obscure AD&D module is part of Frank Mentzer's famous R-series of modules produced by TSR's RPGA (Role-Playing Gamers Association) Network in the early to mid 1980s. Unlike R1-4, which were published as stand-alone modules, this module was published as a "Feature Module" in Polyhedron magazine #28 (R5 was similarly featured in another issue). The R6 module features an unusual series of discrete hex maps that represent different regions in a "Badlands" type wilderness w passage between hexes is impeded by rugged borders, essentially creating a natural outdoor maze. The characters must pursue a band of bugbears who have stolen a wizard's spellbook through this challenging and monster-infested ... read more