r639) c1943 Kaleu JOST METZLER Knights Cross U-Boat U 69 Captain photos German

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Original German book from 1943. This is the wartime autobiography of Jost Metzler. Metzler joined the Kriegsmarine in October 1933, after spending eight years in the merchant navy. He served on the torpedo boat T-196 and on several minesweepers. After 13 patrols on the minesweeper Grille , he transferred to the U-boat arm in April 1940, commissioning U-69 in November 1940.

On his first patrol, sailing from Kiel to St. Nazaire in early 1941, he sank three ships for a total of 18,576 tons. On his second patrol south-west of Iceland, he sank a single ship of 3,759 tons and damaged another. Metzler's third patrol on U-69 was the most successful. He laid 16 mines in the harbour of Lagos, Nigeria, where they later sank a British steamer. He then sank another five ships for a total of 25,544 tons. Metzler developed renal colic a few days after leaving St. Nazaire on his fourth patrol in August 1941, forcing the U-boat to return to port. After two months in hospital he served as the leading training officer in 25th and 27th U-boat Flotilla until February 1943. Metzler commanded U-847 from February to June 1943 without sailing on any patrols, and was appointed temporary locum commander of 5th U-boat Flotilla for two months before serving as commander of 19th U-boat
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