RAAF RAF Bomber Command Lancaster W/O Louis Butler DFM signed

This is a bookplate / picture of and has been autographed in pencil by the following RAAF / RAF Bomber Command aircrew:

Warrant Officer Louis Butler DFM:

Was a Wop/AG with 467 & 463 (RAAF) squadrons during WWII. He flew in Lancaster bombers flying from Waddington & Bottesford.

On a raid to Frankfurt October 4th 1943 Louis Butlers Lancaster was attacked by a German night fighter, the incendiaries were jettisoned as they were on fire and the crew had to return to base. Louis was injured in leg by cannon splinters. He still managed to carry on with his duties even though in considerable pain for the remainder of the flight back to base. He spent the next six weeks in hospital recovering from his injuries.

He returned to operations 16th December 1943 to Berlin. Louis Butler flew on many missions to such places as Berlin, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Milan, Peenemunde, Genoa, to name but a few.

After the war he returned to the family buisness of being a butcher.

This bookplate would look great in W/O Louis Butlers book 'Life, Luck & Lancasters'.

The item is in very good condition.