Rabbi Nachman from Braslev Kabbalah Amulet Judaic Power

Rabbi Nachman from Braslev Kabbalah Judaica Amulet!

This Origional, Unique, Hand made amulet assists its owner to make a

Good Health Good Living. P eace at the home. Powerfull protection. Good Wealth.

It is made by the well knowen Rabbi Nachman from Braslev and it is nice and powerfull amulet.

Insdie it have a Bible writer hand writing Blessing from the Braslev Rabbi Nachman and some of his hand writing too.

It is powerful, Nice pendant, and its works well, many Israelies and others wear it and knows about the great Rabbi Nachman and his Blessing powers.

made of leader and adjustble jewelry string and it is good for all.

For personal activation of the amulet - when you wear you need to say:

Na Nach Nacham Nachman - Meuman!

Comes in a gift Box!

Wear Rabbi Nachman from Braslev Amulet

Increase your day by day quality!

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