Rabone 24" 4 Fold Boxwood Rule w/ Level, # 1190

This rule is a Rabone No. 1190 Single Arch Joint, Unbound, Broad, 24 inch 4 Fold rule with Level. The knuckle joints are multiple middle plates (4 brass inboard; 3 steel outboard) for extra strength. I do not have a good appreciation as to when it was manufactured, however, I suspect it is post-WW-II. It has the later style (rounded) arch plates. (Anyone know when Rabone converted from the sharp arch to the swoopy one?) In addition, t is a protractor built into the main joint graduated from 0 degrees to 180 degrees in 5 degree increments. It is very similar to a Lufkin No. 863L, but t are several minor deviations, such as being about 1/16th inch wider and having a domed protractor lid on the main joint. This configuration does not use face pins. The edge pin is present, and bitted. I would rate this rule as a solid Good +. This is a relatively uncommon rule, but I have never seen values listed for Rabone rules. I would assume that the value is similar to the Lufkin 863L that books for $ 100 (P. Stanley) and up. Overall, it is very sound, and has about 65% inside finish, about 20% external, and nice and sharp. It would be an excellent specimen until for your collection. Oh, yes. The bubble is intact, and is filled with a green fluid, which makes it a later model, although certainly NOT from the Rabone-Chesterman era that began in ... read more