Brand New Book!

"A Veterinary Approach to Pigeon Health"

by Dr. David Marx, DVM

Brand new, hardback 216 pages. Exclusively about Racing Pigeon diseases, treatment and overall health!

"a must have for ALL pigeon sport fanciers"

Brand new hardbound book with 10 chapters on the most common pigeon ailments known to the Racing Pigeon!

Up for auction is one of the most read books on Racing Pigeon health issues! This book is comprised of all the top pigeon health articles written by Dr. Marx for his column in the Racing Pigeon Digest since 1992 entitled "Veterinary Viewpoint". Dr. Marx served 2 terms as the founding President of the Association of Pigeon Veterinarians. He was an active flyer and a member of both the Sooner Racing Pigeon Club and the Sooner State Concourse.

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Remember, this book is a must for your racing pigeon husbandry and pigeon library! It not only lists all the most common diseases your racers can get, but explains proper treatment methods and what to do next, as well as preventative measures.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Bacteria Infections. 1.1 Paratyphoid 1.2 E.coli. 1.3 Bumblefoot. 1.4 Folliculitus. 1.5 Good bacteria.

Chapter 2 Viral and other infections 2.1 Adenovirus. 2.2 Herpesvirus. 2.3 Paamyxovirus. 2.4 Pox. 2.5 Pox - Despite Vaccination. 2.6 One-eyed Colds and other Respiratory Ailments. 2.7 Myopic (Fungal) Diseases.

Chapter 3 Parasites 3.1 External Parasites. 3.2 Haemoproteus. 3.3 Trichomoniasis. 3.4 Worms. 3.5 Coccidiousis.

Chapter 4 Reproduction 4.1 Sterility. 4.2 Egg Binding. 4.3 Hen Problems. 4.4 Switching Eggs. 4.5 Winter Breeding. 4.6 Weaning Youngsters.

Chapter 5 Flying 5.1 Young Bird Panic. 5.2 Shipping and Release. 5.3 Late Returns. 5.4 Panting.

Chapter 6 Dealing With Injuries 6.1 Racing Injuries. 6.2 Glue-Instead of Stitches.

Chapter 7 General Health Considerations 7.1 Beak and Nail Trimming. 7.2 Feathers and Moulting. 7.3 Weight Loss. 7.4 Loft Sanitation. 7.5 Blue Breast. 7.6 White Spots on the Palate. 7.7 Culling in the Nest. 7.8 Humane Culling. 7.9 Cold Weather Considerations.

Chapter 8 Nutrition related subjects 8.1 Feeding. 8.2 Feed storage. 8.3 Common Supplements. 8.4 L-Carnatine. 8.5 Energy Loading. 8.6 Salts. 8.7 Hypervitaminosis. 8.8 Bent Keels.

Chapter 9 Medications 9.1 Medication Do's and Don'ts. 9.2 Medication Mixing. 9.3 Medication Before and During Breeding. 9.4 Formulary.

Chapter 10 Health Overview 10.1 Simplified Health Care Regimen. 10.2 Preventive Medicine. 10.3 Home Microscopy.

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