Radial Engineering ProD2 Stereo Passive Direct Box for Guitar and Bass FAST SHIP

...These direct boxes are perfect. 3 Available - Price is for 1. Will ship FREE within 24 hours of your payment (M-F)
Radial Engineering ProD2
Full Range Passive DI

3 Available

Full range passive direct box.
Isolation transformer eliminates noise.
Very low harmonic and phase distortion.
Compact and rugged design.
Ideal for live sound and studio.
Isolated XLR connectors eliminate chassis ground potential.
Custom audio transformer on input provides 100% isolation to eliminate hum and noise causing ground loops while maintaining signal integrity.
Military spec PC board with full surface ground plane to reduce susceptibility to RF noise.
High grade switches - long life, high cycle for reliable performance.
14-gauge steel welded I-beam construction makes it virtually impossible to torque the PC board.
-15dB pad reduces the level going in from loud sources that could overload the circuit and cause distortion.
Book-end design creates a protective zone around the switches & connectors, indestructible 14-gauge steel construction.
Full no-slip rubber bottom pad provides mechanical isolation, electrical insulation and prevents unit from sliding around.
Balanced male XLR output connector, AES standard with pin-1 ground and pin-2 hot.
Lift switch lifts the ground to pin-1
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