Radial Engineering USB-Pro Stereo USB Laptop DI Line Isolater Box

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Radial Engineering


Stereo USB Laptop DI

The Radial USB-Pro is a high-resolution stereo digital audio converter (DAC) and direct box that is designed to connect to any computer system to seamlessly transfer digital audio to analog. A stereo pair of balanced XLR audio outputs with adjustable level control then feeds the signal to a microphone preamplifier, PA system, mixing console or even a powered speaker! Made for plug and play simplicity, the USB-Pro will automatically be listed as an available sound card in the audio settings in all popular operating systems including Windows XP, Windows 7/8, and Mac OSX.

Connection to a computer is accomplished through a standard USB type-B port. Digital-to-analog conversion can be monitored on headphones through the 3.5mm analog output to check signal quality and level before connecting to a sound system. A mono-sum switch may be engaged to check for phasing or for connection to a mono system. Should hum or buzz caused by ground loops be encountered, two recessed side-access switches allow
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