The Radio Annual and Television Yearbook, 1951 – Radio & TV Star Photos

The Radio Annual and Television Yearbook. New York. Radio Daily Corporation. Hardcover. 1951. Published in the late days of radio and the early days of television, these were the industry books for anything and everything radio and TV. Any star of radio or television had their name of picture in these books so the studios knew how to contact them. Some celeb photos include: Jimmy Durante, Bob Hope, Milton Berle, Sid Cesar, Imogene Coca, Dinah Shore, and William Boyd (“Hoppy”). Same for ad agencies, newscasters, radio and TV station representatives, regional and national networks, radio and television stations broken down by state, maps, affiliations, and much, much more. The highlight of these are the photos of the celebrities. 1281 pages. Mild general wear to the covers and some soiling. No foreign shipping.