Radio King Slingerland 4 pc vintage late 40's early 50'

Vintage Slingerland late 40's or early 50's oval badge 4 peice drumset with much extra!,... 14'by 5"1/2" snare, solid maple shell,.. very nice. 24" BD VERY nice from a whisper to a WHUMP maple reinforcing hoops and mahogany shell. 13" AND 16" toms... several older Zyldian a cymbals from the 50's 60's era,...I don't want to ship this...pick it up in WS NC!!!. You must Take cases and hardware even though it is rusty a bit and outdated ...drum workshop double pedals included .........buyer takes and ships all!!! Bass drum has interesting internal muffler I've not seen before, one contol moves double mufflers against inside of both heads, see pics, Also, I've lowered min. bid