Radio King Snare Drum Slingerland Steam Bent Single Ply 6.5x14

A Very Special Snare Drum
I bought this 6.5x14" original Radio King snare shell from Ebay two years ago. It has been certified authentic by several experts, including Jeff Kirsch, a drum builder in Portland Oregon. It has the telltale circular clamp marks, etc. This shell is from the "Gretsch Vineyard." I do not know the precise year it was made, but Jeff estimated late 50's or early 60's. The shell was kept in various dry, insulated warehouses for about 45 years. After that it was kept in peoples' houses. The shell is about fifty seven years old, and has dried out nicely. As a result, it has a very vintage sound. Everything about the shell is vintage Radio King.
CONSTRUCTION OF SNARE DRUM The shell had no edges when I got it. The edges were square, which is what I preferred. This actually is advantageous because the wood was perfectly seasoned inside, and left plenty to work with to create the perfect edges. I contracted Jeff Kirsch, a builder in Portland, Oregon, USA, to finish the shell with virgin 30 degree bearing edges, and to lathe the sides. Because the shell had never been edged before, the edges turned out perfect and very clean.
The inside of the shell was left untouched, just like all Radio King shells were left alone on the insides of them. The stain that Jeff selected was based
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