RADIO SET AN/PRC-104 HF Radio - MANPACK Excellent

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Description Welcome Everyone! Well I don't put up many of the Radio's in my collection over the years, but I must let one of my favorite HF Military radios go.

Up for auction is a Hughes AN/PRC-104B In excellent working condition. Comes with two Rechargeable batteries (FULLY CHARGED) These are BB-590 Series and will continue to work for many years to come.

These batteries are not cheap and the battery case (CY-7875) is in great shape as well.

You get The Transceiver, amplifier (20W) manual, Battery box, Batteries, Vehicle mounting adapter cables, external dc power cables, NVIS Mast base, Telegraph key-er (Original) hand mic (H-250/U), External loudspeaker (LS-454), man pack antenna is not included. They can be bought on eBay or surplus. I usually use a dipole or yagi with this rig, but the standard whip is also very good for short range (100 miles or less)

Digital Transceiver model with enhanced receiver sensitivity and better modulation.

You will also receive a MSA SORDIN headset in near new condition, These are excellent in noise canceling and are a close second to Bose headsets. The headset comes with an adapter for use with Icom/ and other handheld transciever/receiver radios. Great for ham use, Pilots, and other communication
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