Radio Shack Optimus MPA-250 250-Watt Stereo Amplifier

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Up for auction is a single very lightly used Radio Shack MPA-250 Optimus stereo amplifier. We have two of these beauties available, both from a dust free rack mounted environment. These have had hardly any use and were purchased brand new from us. Our clients have upgraded their PA system and these have been traded in to us. The MPA-250 class of Radio Shack amplifiers are highly regarded as the best in their class both for price and performance.


The condition of both unit is very close to perfect aesthetically. Both units have been tested and t is absolutely no dust inside either unit. We need the space and this item must sell.

Radio Shack Optimus MPA-250 250-Watt Stereo Amplifier

's a link to the Owner's Manual: CLICK

Specs: &

The amplifier (if bridged) produces up to 350 watts of clean, powerful sound with minimum distortion./font> 10-50,000 Hz Frequency Response Built-In Cooling Fan - helps protect the amplifier by reducing its internal temperature. Two Mounting Options - you can mount the amplifier in a standard Equipment rack or on a desk, shelf, or table. 2 lighted VU Meters - measure the amplifier's output for each channel in decibels. Left and Right Output - lets you adjust the overall sound level on the Level
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