Radio Shack SSM-60 Stereo Sound Mixer

T IS NO POWER CORD INCLUDED. NEEDS A18V AC POWER CORD. Feartures Stereo Line Inputs - let you connect most high-level audio sources such as a CD player, tape deck, tuner, a VCR's or camcorder's audio, and up to two magnetic cartridge turntables. Low-Noise Tape Out Jack - for high-quality tape recording. Slide Volume Controls - for fingertip control of sound mixing and fading. Fader Control - lets you quickly and smoothly switch between two playing input sources, such as a turntable and a microphone. Monitor Control - lets you monitor the line inputs using headphones so you can adjust them before mixing them in. Multiple Microphone Jacks with Stereo/Mono Switch - let you connect three microphones at the same time (including one for a DJ) and select stereo or mono input for each one. Bass/Treble Boost Controls - let you adjust the bass and treble of the primary microphone (Mic 1) to improve the DJ's sound. SSM-60 Stereo Sound Mixer with Tone Controls (320-1214) Input Sensitivity/Impedance: MIC (DJ):-3 mV/600 Ohms MIC 1, 2:- 3 mV/600 Ohms PHONO 1, 2: - 3 mV/50 kOhms CD 1, 2:- 150 mV/50 kOhms VIDEO:- 150 mV/50 kOhms LINE:- 150 mV/50 kOhms Audio Band Width:- 20 - 20,000 Hz Output Level: MASTER:- Rated: 1.5V Max: 6V RECORD:- Rated: 0.775V Max: 5V S/N Ratio: MIC:- 60 dB PHONO:- 70 dB CD, LINE, VIDEO:- 75 dB Distortion: MIC:- 0.5% PHONO: ... read more