Rare! Radio Shack Tandy TRS-80 Network 2 II Remote Networking Unit 1982 25-1211

Cosmetically the unit is in great shape. A few minor markings on the face plate. The lettering is in excellent condition. The sides show a little pitting of the paint and I left the markings and sticker on the one side. These can be removed and cleaned up. One the side with the marking, it is missing the original screw. I am selling this for a collector, he was a collector of all things TRS-80 and he was running a little network in his computer room, so he is getting rid of his collection so he can retire and pursue other interests. There is no power supply, he had misplaced it during a move. But they used the standard TRS Power supplies, so acquiring one should not be an issue. It was working when he had it connected and I removed the bottom plate and inspected it for any issues. It is clean on the inside, no signs of damage or burned out components. Being that, I am unable to test it before I list it to make sure it works, but the collector took great care of his collection.
Up forsale is a rare TRS-80 Network II, These units were sold mainly to the school systems, so when they were phased out or not needed. Most of them were sent to the landfills and destroyed. A nice piece of TRS-80 History. If you have any questions, please let me know.
Network II allows teachers to upload and download programs to as many as 16 TRS-8
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