RADKO Shiny Brite VINTAGE Twirl Light Set SWIRL Snowman


ITEM NAME: Twirl Lights et/25
ITEM NUMBER: RAD 4020110 Snowman
COLLECTION: Christopher Radko
SIZE: 2" Tall
MADE OF: Glass


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Christopher Radko Proudly Presents....Shiny Brite. Lighting Your Way Down Memory Lane....Vintage American Designs since the 1940....Just like Grandmas!!

Twirl Lights - Set/25 is an Exclusive Design for Shiny Brite from Christopher Radko . This Twirl Brite light set is CURRENT and comes with 2 replacement bulbs. The listing is for the snowman box with lights. The decorative lights are 2" high and come in 8 radiant two tone colors. Stock is limited, so don't wait or you will miss this sweet treat! The one you are looking at is brand new and in mint condition. It has never been displayed and comes with original hang tags and gift box.

These Twirl lights come in two different boxes. The oldest has a santa on the front and the newer box has a snowman. If you are the type that likes to show the "vintage" looking boxes, we have listings for both the santa and the snowman.

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