Radney Foster Del Rio TX 1959 CD

You are bidding on one Radney Foster Del Rio TX 1959 CD. The CD appears to be in Very Good condition.


Album Grades

Mint- Never been played. Still in original sealed plastic.

Near Mint -It looks like it just came from the Retail store and it was opened for the first time. The cover has no creases, ring wear or seam splits

VG+ - The albums may show some slight signs of wear, including light scuffs or very light scratches that do not effect the listening experience. The cover will have only minor wear or split seams.

VG Will have more obvious signs such as lack of original gloss, light scratches that you may feel with fingernail and when played surface noise and some scratches may be audible. There may be warping.The covers may have many signs of wear such as ring wear, split seams, writing, tape or tears and missing pieces on cover.

Good Will probably have scratches or defects that are audible. Records may be warped. There could be skipping or loud pops. The Covers may have extensive shelf life, ring wear, liquid damage, split seams, tears, missing pieces or other damage

CD and Cassette Grades

Excellent- It looks like it is in New Condition. There are no scratches or visible signs of wear. The Case is in perfect condition.

Very Good- May show
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