RAF Royal Air Force Red Arrows Mk10 Alpha Pilot Flying Flight Helmet

Red Arrows A LPHA Mk 10 Flying Helmet
Excellent condition, white in colour with Red Arrow .
Fantastic condition wit h only a few small scuffs/scrat ches through handli ng.
Medium in Size. Complete with Clear and Tinted visors, great condition with only a few small
scratches that don't affect vision. I'm being super critical but want to describe accurately.
Oxygen Mask hooks but no mask with helmet.
Marke d on the rear as 'ENG 1'. Would have been worn by the team's
Junior Engineering Officer who flies as part of the 'circus' and would have flown in the back of
Red 1's aircraft for transits. Date d 24.5.91, research would reveal the identity of the original wearer.
The Helmets worn by later teams have departed from this convention and all Circus helmets are labelled with a 'C'.
Arguably this helmet is more rare than those worn by team pilots that occasionally turn up on eBay.
Also worth not ing, the visor cover is not embroidered with team emblem as this was not the practice at the time.
Headphones and electrics present, terminating in NATO downlead.
Black leather interior in good condition. ALPHA Helmets LTD Wheathampstead.
Untested but I have no reason to doubt its serviceability , n ot sold as a piece of
survival equipment though I'm confident that
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