Rafm #2014 Necrodrake (1) 25mm Miniature Undead Dragon Draco-Lich Necro-Drake

Rafm Fantasy - Necrodrake

RAFM Miniatures & Games is proud to bring your our fantasy line of metal miniatures, Iron Lords. For use with any fantasy game, Iron Lords miniatures brings you a wide variety of heroes, villains ans monsters to adventure with. RAFM has a long tradition of quality and presentation and we think you will agree that these miniatures continue that commitment to excellence. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and may require assembly
It was beyond the Known Ages of men when, so say the legendary scrolls of Xothique, the mighty Necromancer Tstasha-Kren perfected his art at the very same instant he sealed the fate of himself and his now-forgotten kingdom. It was through Kren's foul science that the necrodrake was created, summoned up from the fossilized remnants of a long extinct Dragon. Although his great experiment was a success, the Necromancer would have done well to remember the old saying: "Do not call up what you cannot control."

Mighty dragon lich (skeletal undead dragon). Multi-part metal figure, integral base. 25mm scale.

Box contains one dragon. Miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly. Figure is about 5" long.
•Manufacturer: Rafm Miniatures •Line/Series: Fantasy Boxed Sets •Stock Number: 2014
•Contents: One (1) miniature
•Sculptor: B. Murch
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