Railroad Lantern Cheshire RR Brass Top BB Red EB Globe

is a rare and desireable lantern that is marked CHESHIRE RR on the lid with big, bold letters. This is a double wire guard brass top bellbottom frame with a twist-off base. The lantern is in excellent condition and probably dates from the 1880 âe" 1890 era. I cannot find any patent dates or other markings anyw on the lid or the bellbottom. The Cheshire Railroad eventually became a part of the Fitchburg Railroad around 1890. The frame has very minor pitting on the lid and the bell, but it shows extremely well and is very solid. No rust or holes. One of the inside edges of the lid has slightly more pitting than anyw else on the frame, however the metal is a very heavy gauge and t are no holes or weak spots. This frame was made by Adams & Westlake. The brass top has a few dings from railroad use, but still looks great. The metal font is in excellent condition with no holes. The burner is made of brass and has some of the old wick still in it; the wick works up and down freely. This lantern comes with an old super red extended base globe with the letters C.R.R. wheel cut beautifully into it. The letters on the globe measure three quarters of an inch in height. The globe is a cranberry red color and has lots of swirl marks and a few bubbles. NO chips or cracks in the globe. T is one very tiny edge chigger on the bottom lip; this

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