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Now available on ONE CD is the huge collection of northeastern railroad track chart profiles and track diagrams. This collection has been made possible by the generous donation of materials from fellow rail enthusiasts from all around the northeast.
The original " Volume One " disk of which dozens have already been distributed to many of you through outside sales has been remastered into " Volumes 1 & 2 " to contain nearly 320 megabytes of data. For those of you who aquired Volume One, you won't be disappointed with the new combined Volumes One & Two.
The material you are purchasing has been provided by generous FREE donations from friends such as yourselves. The only cost is the nominal donation of $10 to cover the cost of materials, e-Bay fees and labor. Remember... The material on the CD is free for you to use in any way you wish! This material would cost you THOUSANDS of dollars to aquire separately by hit or miss auctions!! In addition, those who order the Volume 1 & 2 disk will be kept on a mailing list for future FREE updates via the web.
's the detailed list of what's on the CD railroad by railroad:
Boston & Albany - 21 files
The entire mainline from Albany to Boston as a condensed profile that dates from around the mid 1900's. (We need
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