T is neither a painting in the mind

Nor a mind in the painting:

And yet, w else can one find a painting

Than in the mind?

Avatamsaka Sutra

A rare representation of Guru Rinpoche, or Padmasambhava, in a "Rainbow body" form (see the information below). I have quite a few photos showing the central figure to illustrate what it looks like under different angles of lighting. Above Guru Rinpoche are Manjusri, Chenrezig, and Vajrapani. Below him is Green Tara. Painted and signed by the artist, Lama Chocking. I would like to point out that because an artist has "Lama" in his name does NOT mean that he is a monk or Lama. It is a title that a lot of Tamang and Newari artists give themselves. The word "Lama" is used in Tibetan Buddhism to designate only the highest monks. The only one that I know who has "Lama" in his name that at one time was a monk for about 8 years, is Lama Tsonamgel. I have one of his paintings in my store.

Measures about 16 inches by 23 inches, not counting the outer grey borders.

This thangka is not mounted in brocade and unfortunately I cannot provide that service.

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I want to make clear that in no way, shape or form do I represent myself as an
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