Rainbow Wand - Golden Dawn - Astrological Influences

Give a Boost of Power and Authority to any ritual!

Readers of Donald Michael Kraig's book, "Modern Magick" and Golden Dawn enthusiasts will recognize this tool as

the master tool of all elemental weapons. The sections are held depending on the astrological correspondence for a

powerful boost of authority, to command the divine light to descend upon the temple and to be

commanded into the tool, talisman, amulet, or anything else being charged.

This shaft is correctly made and painted in the proper colors in order descending of the astrological signs

starting at the top with Aries.

Wand will be packaged securely when shipped.

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This item is handmade for you and is made from Oak Wood.

We try to ship within a few days but please allow up to 2 weeks because quality is important to us. Thank you for understanding!

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