Rainbow Zig-Zag Handmade Zulu Telephone Wire Basket LG Bowl/Basket - KWANZAA

African Zulu Imbenge Telephone Wire Basket
Wonderful Modern Craft
Beautiful, Even, Solid Weave Change of Color, Direction and Type of Weave Creates the Pattern This basket is approximately 8" diameter and 3.5" tall. You will receive the basket pictured. These are some of the finest baskets we have seen.

Sometimes you see a Zulu basket and you know you love it.
It is also the only one of its kind in the world.

The Zulus are the largest tribe in Southern Africa, renowned for their artistry and craftsmanship.

"The telephone wire basket is a relatively recent craft development which reflects the ingenuity of craftspeople. Brightly coloured telephone wires are used to great creative effect, decoratively covering objects such as bottles and walking sticks, or made into plates and baskets."
(Todres, 1998 Guide to South African Arts, Culture and Heritage ).

Worldesigns is in the process of helping co-ops of South African telephone wire weavers to become financially independent. We hope that their unique art form will appeal to you and that we can continue to sell their artwork. Our long term goal is to provide access to education for their children.

Telephone baskets are very popular and hard to find. Each one is unique. They are solidly made and heavy. This basket is made of recycled telephone
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