Raku Pottery cat art wheel-thrown stoneware

This Raku piece was hand thrown on a potters wheel, bisqued fired in a electric kiln to 1800 degrees. Glaze is applied to the pot and then fired in a Raku kiln to anyw between 1400 to 1800 degrees. Then it was taken out of the kiln at 1800 degrees and placed into a aluminum trash can with either sawdust, or newspaper. This sets the paper on fire, then the lid is put on the can. It is allowed to set in can for 5 to 15 minutes in order to starve the interior of the can of oxygen and provide the reducing atmosp for the glaze. the carbon is pulled into the areas of the pot with no glaze and this turns the those areas black. The pot is taken out of can and dipped in a bucket of water to cool the pot off and set the glaze. This firing technique is called Raku.

This aesthetically pleasing Raku piece is 7 3/4" tall by 5" wide. I used a white crackle glaze on the pot.. It was fired on November 21, 2006. I have worked with clay for over 20 years and still love doing it. I do functional stoneware, pit fire, sawdust fire, and Raku pottery. My pottery has been shown in 3 galleries in Arizona. My Raku pieces are not water proof or food safe. I sign my pots DAST (DA for Darrielle and St for Straughan). My studio is located near Sedona, Arizona. ~~ Darrielle Straughan


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