Raku pottery copper matte urn jar with altered surface

hh Raku Fired Copper Matte Altered Urn/Jar This item is hand-thrown earthenware with a copper matte glaze. This piece was thrown by Robert Briggs and is a one-of-a-kind Corvus Moon item. The piece may appear brighter under studio lighting! The black features on this piece are the actual reduction carbon, not ink or shoe polish. The pottery measures: 7-3/8" tall 4-1/2" wide
hhh Will not hold liquids indefinitely as lowfire earthenware is porous. If you wish this pottery to retain water you must seal the inside with an acrylic or concrete sealer. Not to be used as an oil lamp! Suitable container for dry goods, incense, weed bottle display or dry flowers. hh Robert Briggs has been a professional fine artist for more than 30 years and is the author of several videos on how to throw pottery for the beginner. Working out of their studio in Southwest Missouri, Robert and his wife Ruth use the natural surroundings of the Missouri Ozarks to influence their many artistic endeavors. Please visit our ABOUT ME page to learn more about our studio. hhh Raku has several meanings "pleasure, happiness etc." and refers to a fast firing process developed by the Chojiro family in Japan around 1580. What is practiced in the United States today is a massive variation of the original raku process. Americanized raku was developed by Paul Soldner in
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