Randall Custom Made Knife Model 4 6" Stainless Stag New

Stag and Brass Model #4, 6" Stainless, Brass Butt-Cap, Outstanding Stag with Finger Grooves.

You are Biiding on a Randall Custom Made Knife Model 4 with a 6" Stainless Steel Blade with a Terrific Piece of Select Stag for a Handle, with a Brass Hilt and Butt Cap.. Believe me when I say that the Stag and Finger Grooves on this Knife are Drop Dead Georgeous The Blade is Absolutely Pristine, No Marks, No Scratches. This Knife also comes with a Brand New Black Sheath with a Honing Stone AND a Brown Sheath without the Honing Stone Pocket. Very Cool Matched Set of Sheaths. This Knife was never put into the Black Sheath, and on the Brown Sheath you can see w the Knife was inserted, t are slight marks w the the Knife was kept in the Brown Sheath for a short time.

Since Both Sheaths were Ordered at the Same Time the Knife was Ordered, neither Sheath is a Replacement Sheath, or marked as a Replacement Sheath. They are both Custom Fit to this Knife and were purchased as a Set. Very Unusual to have Both Randall Sheaths, in Both Colors, in Both Configurations, and find them for sale with a Brand New Knife.

Having a "Show" Sheath, and a "Carry" Sheath is really the Best of Both Worlds, you can take this Knife into the Field, come home wipe off your Knife and still have Pristine Leather for a Knife that will be Handed
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