As most of you know, all Randall dealers get to design their own knife and that design is exclusively available from that dealer. This is what RMK dealer Wayne Buxton thinks is the perfect configuration for a fighting knife.The 6-1/2" stainless blade is of the clip point bowie style with a sharpened false edge. The #1 style double hilt is nickle silver. The border patrol style handle is black micarta with an open channel on top for the heavy 7/8" tang..(like the model 14). At the end of the handle protrudes an exposed "skull crusher" tang... as the first model 14's were designed back in the Vietnam years. The tang is drilled for (and includes) a thong just in case the knife was to slip from a sweaty palm. Heavy duty knife is 11- 3/4" OAL. Sullivan sheath with Randall marked snaps. Knife is new and unused. No reserve. Please excuse the pics that aren't in focus.

Hello, friends and bidders ! You formally knew me as vcatz and for the past 7-1/2 years I have made many friends and repeat customers...almost 700 unique + feedback and over 800 + transactions on ebay.. Recent changes in my personal life required the old vcatz account be given to the "EX" and I have to start over with a 0 feedback rating But rest assured that you will still be doing business with the same old vcatz and you can expect the same quality items and service
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