Randall Knife model 1 With 8 Inch Blade

This is a factory new Randall Model 1 knife with a new Randall sheath. The blade length is 8 inches. The knife has never been used or sharpened and has the original factory edge. Check the photographs. Current waiting time for a new Randall knife is 5 years from the time you place your order. By bidding on this knife the potential buyer agrees to the following terms: That they are 21 years of age and a US resident. The buyer accepts accepts all risks associated with the use of this item. Reasonable common sense dictates that this item can injure you if not used properly and the buyer will assume all liability and responsibility for the possession and use of this item. The buyer is responsible for assuring that their possession of this item is in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws. Payment is due by the 2 no day after the auction. No sales outside of the US.