randall moore sterling RDM Santa Fe Sterling Buckle Set SILVER 95 grams!

I do legal work in Phoenix and one of the things I do take in trade are sterling silver buckle sets.

I have this nice set of Sterling Buckles from sterling craftsman and jewelry maker

Randall D Moore.

92 grams.

Circa 1996.

This buckle set is marked RDM and bear his logo on the inside of the buckle

Has an Art Deco Flare to it resembling his other works like TORO, FLARE, and his LONE STAR collection.

His place of business is located in Santa Fe on Palace Dr.

What makes his art unique is that you can spot his designs and they are classic through the years.

I have a 4 piece buckle set.

1. Buckle with logo

2. 2 loop fasteners

3. End crimping tip end

All match

All sterling.

I will take other pictures in the day light but I wanted to let you know I have your RDM Sterling Silver Santa Fe Silver Buckle Set.