Rane VP 12 Voice Processor/Compressor/Limiter/Pre-Amp

A little used Rane VP 12 voice processor. This unit is loaded with a myraid of cool features. If you want to process your vocals, this is the unit to have.

This thing has: 1) a balanced microphone pre-amp 2) a compressor/limiter 3) aDee-esser 4)a noise gate 5) a downward expander 6) a two band parametric EQ with high and low cut filters.

On the back panel are; 1)balanced outs for both the main and auxillary. 2) 13 point patchbay. 3) a line in with gold plated RCA connectors. 4) an in-line 1/4" out to patch to your mixer.

Although no longer in production, this unit sold for more than $500.00 when new and is still a very desired unit for use both on-stage and in-studio. With original power supply, also a 6' long gold plated 1/4" stereo to RCA's.

This piece of near, if not, studio quality equipment is in flawless working condition, and will be a great addition to your rack.