Range of Motion (ROM) Machine - B Model

This product was conceived to satisfy the lower price, lower quality needs of the customers of The UltraFast CrossTrainer ® , which is a knock-off of ROMFab’s high quality 4 minute workout machine. However, because ROMFab has an 82,000 square foot factory and has been making the machine for almost 20 years, we can offer the B-Model at a considerable discount from their price because we benefit from an economy of scale and much automation, as can be seen . Additionally, we have, just like the Ultrafast-knockoff maker, no advertising costs on these machines. And we can tfore also pass even more substantial savings on to the customer.

This auction is for a brand new ROM machine B Model made by ROMFab. This is a lesser quality version of our standard retail high quality model. Nothing is chromed, just powdered coated and it has lower quality components just like the UltraFast CrossTrainer ® . So t is no reason to buy a knock-off of a ROMFab ROM 4 minute workout machine, when such knock-off machine is made by an unknown company with an unknown future, when you can buy a new one from the original manufacturer with an almost 20 year track record for less. In addition to receiving a new machine, you get a six week period to evaluate it.

All of our customers have been very satisfied with our product. Please visit the testimonial
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