Ranger Badge Maker's Authentic Cinco Peso Star

Season's Greetings

This unique 1948 Mexican "Emperor Cuautemoc" cinco peso coin was created by Ron Edgington. An msn seach brought up this 2002 article on Ron's badge making: /reportage_Ron_Edgington.htm I assume this badge served as a "business card" advertising Ron's badge making skill, or perhaps was a gift. The "Lone Star" was handcut from the .900 purity silver coin and then the embellishments were stamped into the metal using a press and/or a punch set. It is "dapped", which I think means that it is convex, or rounded outwardly. The letters T-E-X-A-S can be seen at the points of the star and the floral markings along the circle are oak leaves on the left for strength and an olive branch on the right for peace, typical to what you'd see on a real Texas Ranger badge. On the back t is a post that has been added, and by looking at the back t is no doubt that this was a genuine Mexican coin and not a cast replica. This would make a fine addition to any ranger badge collection, as it illustrates that for a number of years, individual Texas Rangers would have their badges custom made locally by jewelers and artisans. Ron continued this tradition of fine craftsmanship. I did a little superficial snooping around, but couldn't find Ron's current information, but if anyone has any to add to this I would appreciate hearing about
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