RAPOON From Shadows Sleep CD LTD ED Soviet France NEW!

Item Detail and Overview

Artists : Rapoon (akan Robin Storey, Soviet France)
Title : From Shadows Sleep (Limited Edition)
Label : Essence Music (Brazil)
Catalogue No. : ESS 006
Genres : Avant-Garde
Format : CD
Street Day : 2006

Presents the album housed in an old-fashioned letterpress embossed mini-box packaging with a set of cards printed on quality recycled paper stock showcasing 11 exclusive paintings by Robin Storey!

Limited edition of 800 copies.

An unique masterwork of mysterious dark and droney sounds! Less rhythmic than previous efforts, From Shadows Sleep sees RAPOON visiting ancient temples, moving between shadowy labyrinths of meticulous drones, echoed tones and distant rumblings, building a hypnotic sonic ritual that brings traces from a distant past in form of atmospheric, spiritual mantras of a possessive power.

Ominous and bleak, yet wondrous, Robin Storey’s trance-inducing soundscapes swirls around majestic droning tape loops, patterns, ethnic samples (especially tablas) and other secret devices masterfully arranged to mesmerize the listener. T’s no light in – you will be guided by RAPOON’s brooding and extremely detailed sonic imagery.

Some bits of these recordings were initially conceived during the urban riots of the Thatcher years in Great
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