Raquel Welch (Miss July) on Rigid Tool Calender 1965

This is a Rigid Tool Calendar form the January 1965 through December 1966. This features Raquel Welch as the July 1965 model. The calender was printed in 1964, and all pictures were taken by Peter Gowland. The overall condition is good, t are some dirt marks from the pages being turned. This was in a basement workshop since the original purchase date. I have included a picture of the worst damage. The hanging holes are torn out, but do not affect the pictures themselves. The actual pictures are 10x13.5 with a 1/2 inch border on the top and three sides, and are perfect for framing. Some of the other models may have also become famous, but none as recognizable as Raquel. It also features several tools of that period throughout the pages.

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