Raquel Welch Signauture Collection ladies, women's wigs

Both wigs are from the Raquel Welch Signature Collection, featuring state of the art wig technology. They provide a light comfortable, dependable fit due to the memory cap technology. Designed for the ultra-natural, modern look, each strand features synthetic fibers with their innovative shadow shades technique so you enjoy specialized tone highlights and natural lowlights not found in other wigs. They are made of an exclusive vibralite fiber specially conditioned to simulate the look and feel of healthy, protein-rich human hair.

The first is Blond and the second is Auburn. Both are in great condition which you can see from the pictures. They can be washed in cold water with mild shampoo and conditioner, let air dry, and wig will retain it's shape and style.

If you google "Raquel Welch signiture collection" you will see that these wigs sell from $149 -$249 new. I will sell both for a total of $65.00 which includes shipping anyw in the United States.