RARE 115 lb. Civil War AMERICAN STAR Blacksmith Anvil

Matchlessantiques is offering collectors and smiths this RARE 115 lb., Civil War Era, American Star Blacksmith Anvil. According to Richard Postman's book Anvils In America, this anvil was made by the American Star Anvil Works in Trenton, New Jersey. The book also states that the American Star started making anvil in the early 1850s and was in business until the late 1860's. The anvil is cast iron with a cast steel face plate. Only the only other U.S. anvil manufacturer making anvils during the Civil War was Fisher & Norris. The companies' trademark is a 5 pointed Star on the side of the anvil.

Star anvils are the only anvils with a "Tempering Cavity". Which brings to point a sure way to identify a Star anvil. The company patented a Tempering Cavity, that not only insured a uniform temper to the face, but relieves the anvil from that strain to which all castings are subject when heated and suddenly chilled by application of cold water to the surface only.

NOTE : This auction is for the Blacksmith Anvil ONLY. The tools in the background ARE NOT INCLUDED in this auction. They will be offered in another auction.

This anvil is in Excellent condition for its age. The face is flat and smooth with no significant hammer or use marks and the edges are exceptionally clean. The horn has a steel overlay and is conical
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