Rare 18th Century Original Rev. War Hand Grenade 1775

Featured in this auction isan 18th Century American Revolutionary War Period hand Grenade: Exploded Fragments c. 1775. eBay this hand grenade is inert and has no powder. Please do not remove. These were introduced into the Revolutionary War by the British, and were used in battle by Specialty Troops called Grenader's. American troops caught on to this weapon early on and also used it against the British. Similar ones are shown in Neumann's Illustrated Encyclopedia of the American Revolution. I Guarantee this Revolutionary War Period Grenade exploded fragment to be 100% authentic. The grenade measures 3 inches across, and has some cracking. It has been dipped in wax for preservation. Neumann's book indicates that they varied in size from approximately 2 1/2 inches to 3 1/4 inches in diameter. The seam is an early indicator of Rev War Period Grenades can be seen, as this was how they were cast in a mold. The business hole measures about 3/4 inches across and was originally filled with a hollowed wooden plug with a fuse. These (3 fragments are from the same Grenade, the central core, and the (2) fragments. Appears it only partially exploded, maybe it got wet ? Anyway they are, all three of them. Probably could have listed and sold them separately, but as a collector myself, felt they needed to stay together. Tactics used were to light ... read more