Rare 1920 Griswold Bolo Oven Erie PA USA No. 180 B

Howdy Folks! First off; My pictures are Very washed out due to the heat/sun. Sorry about that.

Okay, I do not collect cast iron pans but did a little research on this Griswold Oven and since the only GRISWOLD items on eBay was either the cast iron pans or AD's for this Stove - I thought it best to put it in this catagory! This is Not Cast Iron but some type of Metal. Perhaps the old Ad's can be helpful so if someone has that info, please pass along.

This being said, hopefully my pictures tell the story ( took as many as I could - being it was 103 outside today - the blaring sun made it awful to get decent pictures!). This states on the topside these exact words; "GRISWOLD BOLO OVEN Two In One Big Oven - Little Oven Bakes In Half The Time -With Half The Fuel The Griswold MFG. CO. Erie PA USA Pat.D Feb. 2 1915 June 20 1916 Sept 23 1919 June 8 1920 No. 180-B". Plus it has the Griswold Logo on front bottom.

As for the condition, it does have rust but I am sure those who love Griswold can restore it. The Glass Door is fully intact. Both wire & wooden handles are intact also. T is only one main ding and that is on front w it latches. This does not affect it closing snug however. Hopefully, you can see this in my pictures.T also seens to be a minor dent on top when you glide your hand over it.

I took
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