Rare 1920's Metal Christmas Angel Chime Tree Topper

Box 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 5" and Angel Chime Christmas tree topper 9 1/4" x 5 1/2." Circa 1920s all metal electric mechanical light up 6 angel Christmas chime tree topper. This topper comes with its original box and instructions. The chime on this is beautiful and melodious. The chime tree topper has three base legs that rest on the top of the Christmas tree. Midway up the topper are 3 arms that have 2 tin chromed figural angels attached to each of them. On the top of these arms are three chromed metal bells. Down the center of its stand is a screw-in threaded electric attachment plug that screws into a tree's 15 volt Christmas tree lights. On top of the topper below the dome are three exposed electric copper coils that power the topper. The dome covers these coils and rests on a pointed shaft above the coils. The dome is chromed tin with a red painted circle. It has two metal chimes attached to it to ring when power is received and the dome rotates and strikes the bells above the angels. The dome has a beveled green jeweled glass screw in light at the top along with 9 pink pointed glass arms radiating from the center. This Christmas chime stopper DOES NOT work. The power plug-in wire has two pieces of electric tape attached to it. This wire is the old cloth cover type and in good condition minus the electrical black tape. . I did not ... read more